Are Promotional Products Still Relevant?

Marketing has changed over the past 50 years.

From being a more print dominated medium, to an extremely digital dominated medium.

Over the past 20 years promotional products have remained a reliable brand messaging channel and digital products are doing very well, including USB Flash Drives.

In the past;

  •  umbrellas and especially beach umbrellas,
  • T-shirts
  • mouse pads
  • bags
  • compendiums
  • notebooks

were always the go to in the promotional merchandise purchase experience.

As long as your brand was noticed by the population, your brand got out there.

Things and products within the industry have changed.

Customers are often looking for customized products to make their brand stand out.

There are also products which are easily customized.

Promotional products such as branded USB flash drives which are dye cut in the shape of your logo or promotional  keyrings are a great option.

The branded USB flash drives are a great option, as they are functional and also look great.

A very popular option of branded USB’s Flash Drives are the credit card size ones.

There are also other promotional products which come in a wide range of colours and styles such as backpacks and corporate apparel.

These often have the logos embroided onto the product, which allows your brand to last longer on the product.

When choosing a promotional product or corporate gift, it is important to think of the following;

  • What branding message do you want to convey
  • Who is your target market
  • Will the promotional product be used i.e pen, umbrella or backpack
  • Is it a functional product
  • What logo do you want and is there a MOQ on branding.

Once you have these answers in mind, we can narrow your product search and find a product which will best suit your organisations or departments activation.

If there is a product which requires customization, we are happy to look into it and see whether it can be done.