Promotional Products - Branding Options

There are so many branding methods available today that for many products there can be up to three or four methods to choose from on each item. Advancements in printing technology means that your logo will be printed with precision and high definition every time.

When you place a branded order, you will receive a high quality digital layout that will enable you to digitally visualize what the end product will look like.

The high quality branding techniques that are available to you, ensures that your brand will project the very best image when proudly displayed on your promotional item or corporate gift.

These are just a few of the branding methods that are available to use.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the process where wording, images or a logo is exposed onto a mesh screen.

The blank areas on the screen are then coated with an impermeable substance which essentially blocks the holes in the screen. Ink is then put onto the screen and is pushed through the screen in the areas where the logo is.

Colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration or logo alignment is critical to get a sharp image.


Embroidery is the age-old technique of decorating fabric or material with images or wording stitched in strands of thread or cotton.

Today, with the advancement of computer technology, logo's or artwork are read digitized into embroidery files. Embroidery machines then automatically create a design on the product in the form of the artwork that was downloaded into the computer.

There are many additional techniques that can be used with embroidery to make your logo stand out. Thread can be colour matched to your Pantone colour with ease.

Laser Engraving

A logo is etched or scored onto a product's surface with a very advanced and precision laser beam. The accuracy with which the logo is replicated is incredible and produces and impressive result every time.

Our client's also enjoy the long lasting effect of this branding method.

What essentially happens during laser engraving is that the laser itself burns the top layer of the product, thus revealing the layout beneath. If the layer beneath is a different colour to the top layer, this is when you see a two-tone engraved effect. However if it is the same, you will see the same colour beneath, but you will still get an impressive and high quality branded look.

Digital Printing

This impressive branding method is great for those logo's with many colors or shades where an impressive full colour impact is required. A digital image is printed onto  transfer paper.

The product itself gets treated with a specialized chemical before the logo is adhered to the item.

Once the logo, which is on the transfer paper, is put onto the logo, another chemical is then used to seal this print onto the item.

This guarantees that the print remains permanent but also gives it a high quality finish that is stunning.


This is a popular method to brand compendiums, notebooks and leather or PU products. A die or mould is created in the shape of your logo. This is then pressed with a very high pressure and heat, into the surface of the product.

This then creates a visually impressive stamped look.

This method is popular with client's who prefer a more understated branded look on a product, but that still makes their logo stand out with a 3D effect.