Branded Merchandise With A Purpose

When we are approached to provide a customer with a quote on branded merchandise, the client often asks for something new and exciting in the promotional products and corporate gifting world.

The branded merchandise doesn't  often need to be cheap or high end, but rather a suitable price which will do the job the best and that is to get your brand out there to as many people as possible.

Often these new and exciting products are fun and well branded, however they are not very practical and get put in the bottom drawer after sitting on the desk for a while.

Items that we always refer back to are the branded frisbee, umbrella, jackets, towels and bags. These items are everyday items which would be used and display your brand over the lifetime of their usage.

Branded frisbees are great for the beach and perfect for school & university activation's,branded bags and jackets are a great promotional giveaways for sports clubs and corporate team building.

If you are looking for a promotional product or branded merchandise which will last as long as your brand and be effective, then these are great options for you and your team to consider.

This rush promotional backpack, is a great branding option and it allows the customer to either screen print their logo on the front or embroider the logo which is longer lasting and looks smarter. This option is often given to corporate staff as a promotional backpack.


With so many promotional products to choose from, the options are endless when looking at branded merchandise for your company. Visit some of our sites such as Logo-Line or The Range for more options.

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