Branded Karma Cups

Looking for branded Keep Kups promotional merchandise The latest social responsibility sweeping the globe is the reduction of plastic.

Disposable coffee cups form a big part of the waste humans dispose of daily and this is having a devastating effect on the globe.

Keep kups have become a very popular choice in the corporate gifting world.

These keep kups are often glass or ceramic and have a silicone band. They come in a wide range of colours and you can swop the lids and the silicone colours to mix and match.

The silicone band can be branded and looks great with contrasting colours and logos.

Many coffee shops in Sydney offer a discounted price on their coffee or flat whites if you bring your own cup.

What a great gift to give your staff this year, by giving them a promotional branded keep kup.

Keep Kup is a specific brand which we can supply, however we have a number of other ranges considered keep cups as seen below which come in a number of ml sizes.

The red, black and blue are a very popular option. Recently we supplied a key client with the black cups and a white logo which looked amazing, and it is so rewarding going into Sydney coffee shops and seeing the brand.


Keep cup
Keep cup

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